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Leadership Courses

Unlock your leadership potential with Helen's online course. Develop and enhance the essential skills needed to boost your confidence, and drive positive change in your leadership. Join now and become a successful leader...

Leadership Coaching

Enhance your leadership skills with one-on-one coaching for senior leaders. Gain self-awareness, confidence, and the ability to take effective action. Invest in personal development and see the positive impact on yourself and your organisation.

Startup Advice & Support

Looking to grow your Startup business? I provide collaborative support services for business development, marketing, partnership management, leadership development, safeguarding, and more. With my guidance, you can confidently navigate the complexities of the education technology industry and reach new levels of success.

Grow Your Leadership Potential

Navigating Change as a Leader: The Value of Coaching

For leaders in a rapidly changing world, time for your own professional development, reflection and learning is more important than ever before.

Working with a leadership coach builds a helping relationship for you to explore and develop your leadership potential. Coaching impact includes:

  • Enhanced insight and self-awareness
  • Improved confidence and agency
  • Self reflection and learning about our linguistic, emotional and physiological responses to challenge and pressure
  • Enhanced possibility for taking effective action
  • Ongoing personal development through learning to ‘self coach’

Coaching creates new learning, leading to change and enhanced possibility for effective action. Whatever the stage of your leadership journey 1:1 coaching gives you time, space and support to develop your leadership learning and impact.

What Difference Does Coaching Make?

Mike Tonge

CEO Prestolee Multi Academy Trust

Helen as a coach has improved the quality of leaders, as a mentor has supported our teams and been a key part of challenging our thinking on how we work as a trust. Not only has she helped shape our work on initial teacher training but has ensured we have fit for purpose systems and roles to really deliver a high-quality offer. Most of all I trust her to deliver and to support us with professionalism, compassion, and consideration. It is always a pleasure and highly stimulating to work on anything with Helen.

Real World Group
Leadership 360 Feedback

As leaders progress, it can be hard to get useful and specific feedback about the impact of our leadership style
and behaviours on teams and individuals.

The Real World Group's 360 leadership diagnostic focuses on 'leadership engagement' identified through grounded research. The online survey is emailed to those you manage, peers and managers for feedback, enabling you to identify what’s going well and where to focus your professional development. The diagnostic helps leaders:

  • Develop awareness and insight
  • Identify strengths and 
  • Focus Development

The Model is based on four key areas for leadership engagement. Your feedback will be based on specific questions about how you work within these areas.

Once your report is complete we’ll schedule a 90min feedback/coaching session to review your report and plan how to further enhance your leadership impact.

I began working with Helen following a recommendation from a colleague and couldn't have received better advice. Each and every coaching session has challenged and moved my thinking on. Helen's skilled questioning has enabled me to deepen understanding of my own leadership and helped me grapple and work through situations and scenarios. Helen is a brilliant coach and has been instrumental in my leadership development over the past twelve months.

Kylie Spark

CEO of Inspiring Learners Trust

Bespoke Consultancy

I offer bespoke consultancy services for individuals and organisations seeking to enhance their leadership skills and improve performance. I'm skilled at facilitating teams to explore leadership dilemmas, enabling clients to more effectively manage challenging issues and create the opportunities they want.

With experience in leadership roles across private and public sectors I draw on a breadth of context specific understanding and knowledge, enabling me to help you generate solutions tailored to your unique goals and challenges.

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