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Consultant, coach and facilitator


I work collaboratively with leaders enabling them to be more resourceful and take effective action. As leaders grow in confidence and competence we:

  • build effective leadership knowledge, skills and practice

  • develop team relationships

  • improve wellbeing​


Collaboarative learning is key for leaders and teams to manage challenging issues and relationships, and create the opportunities and futures they want.


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I was previously Head of School Improvement for the Department for Education, and held lead roles in national, regional and local government, schools and colleges. I designed and facilitated coaching and leadership programmes for the University of Manchester and served as a Magistrate in Greater Manchester.


A commitment to continuous learning lies at the heart of my work; we all have the potential to grow, learn and re-imagine our future!


In 2015 I co-founded Rebuilding Schools Nepal. Since then we've raised £30,000. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported. Our attentions are now on exploring how we can support health care provision with our partner charity Love Nepal.

Find out more here.

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Rafik is an Independent Social Work Consultant providing services to Local Authorities and Local Safeguarding Children Boards including: Interim Leadership and Management, Coaching, Chairing Serious Case Reviews, authoring Overview Reports, Independent Investigation and Dispute Resolution, Charing Stage 3 panels, audit, preparation for inspection and service improvement. He's also the panel chair for Olive Branch Fostering. 


Stewart is a Mentor Coordinator for Unreasonable Group, a US based company who focus on elevating ESG enterprises. Prior to joining Unreasonable, he also established MILLXNNIALS Public Speaking Consultancy in 2018 and, following this, Context Culture, an application which uses stories to develop cross-cultural communication competency for those working, travelling or living in the context of cultures different from their own.

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