Creating Possibilities through Leadership

Coach - Consultant - Facilitator



Team Leadership Learning

How do we add leadership value everyday?


Developing a clear understanding of how and why we add leadership value enables us to grow, and lead the development of others. I help leaders:

  • Cultivate professional curiosity

  • Develop a clear understanding of where they are successful

  • Increase their leadership value

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Leading with Courage and Compassion

I design bespoke programmes drawing from a range of approaches and resources.

Building authentic relationships and leading with courage and compasssion lie at the heart of my practice.


­­I'm skilled at facilitating teams to explore leadership dilemmas, enabling clients to more effectively manage challenging issues and create the opportunities they want.


Recent Clients
Overseas Delegations

I facilitate cross-cultural overseas delegations for professionals in education and children’s services. Please get in touch if you'd like to send a delegation overseas, or if you're an international organisation and would like to organise a delegation to or from the UK.