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Courage, compassion and creating possibilities through leadership.

Helen is a respected and sought-after coach, consultant and facilitator both in the UK and internationally. Previously Head of School Improvement for the Department for Education, she has held lead roles in national, regional, and local government, schools and colleges. She has designed and facilitated coaching and leadership programmes for the University of Manchester and served as a Magistrate in Greater Manchester.


Building authentic relationships and leading with courage and compassion lie at the heart of her practice. ­­ Helen is skilled at facilitating teams to explore leadership dilemmas, enabling clients to more effectively manage challenging issues and create the opportunities they want. Helen has a client centered approach to coaching. Key theoretical influences include Egan’s Skilled Helper Model and Sieler’s Ontological Coaching, a transformational approach to enhancing the client’s ability to take effective action.


Current contracts include:

  • Adviser for Zen Educate, a software startup and Certified Social Enterprise using their online staffing platform to connect schools with teachers.


  • Leadership Programme design, development and implementation. Bespoke to client needs and outcomes identified in the consultancy process including Real World Group 360 Leadership Diagnostics.


  • CEO and Principal appraisals based on Appreciative Enquiry and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development best practice and research.


  • Coaching for leaders and CEOs.

Her qualifications include:

  • MA in Social Work Studies,

  • Post Graduate Certificate Coaching and Process Consultancy,

  • BA Hons in Education and Community Studies

  • Certificate in Education.

Project Development and Support

Our work draws on an eclectic mix of research and resources. If you have a project in mind, do get in contact using the details below. We're interested in understanding how we can add value to your business. 

Coaching for Senior Leaders

Outcomes of coaching can include:

  • Enhanced insight and self-awareness

  • Improved confidence and agency

  • Self reflection and learning about our linguistic, emotional and physiological responses to challenge and pressure

  • Enhanced possibility for taking effective action

  • Ongoing personal development through learning to ‘self coach’

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Our Purpose

Helen MG Consulting was established in 2016 to enable people in roles of responsibility who work for the public good to clearly connect with their sense of purpose, make good decisions and lead with courage and compassion.

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Who we work with

"[The work with Helen] has been and is going so well. We are now recruiting to a second phase [of the Middle Leaders Development Programme] for the next group of colleagues. A great way of building capacity for leadership and thoughtful development within schools"

Philip Britton, MBE | Headteacher | Bolton School Boy's Division

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