Why learning to pause helps you be a more effective leader

I recently worked with a team of 30 first time leaders. They’re keen, energetic, all have good track records of being successful in previous roles and are now leading teams. The shift is challenging, being a successful individual contributor is great, but different skills are needed to lead a team.

We’ve been working through a programme together and ‘learning to pause’ brought forward full and frank discussion. Why – well it just sounds so lazy! ‘You mean – do nothing?’ Well, yes – and no.  

There’s significant research now showing that learning to pause not only helps us be more effective leaders – it’s also really good for your heart. Learning to pause helps you:

  1. Create sustained productivity
  2. Innovate at pace
  3. Resolve conflict faster

And pausing doesn’t need to take loads of time! You can draw on a range of pausing routines to help you. 

So here’s a little exercise to start the term off with. Do have a go yourself and do share with your teams. 

And if you’d like to know more, do check out Essential Skills for Leadership Impact here: https://learning.helenmgconsulting.com/

The programme is full online for independent study, great for new and experienced leaders to study as an individual or to book your whole team on. 

Wishing you all a great week with a healthy balance of activity, pauses and rest. 

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