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Why Work with a Coach? Learning to Lead the Way You Want to be Led

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another.” John F. Kennedy.

The success of an organisation’s ability to learn, adapt and grow is dependent on its leaders’ continual learning and development. Coaching offers an opportunity for leaders to develop through bespoke learning and professional growth. It’s tailored to you and is a time-efficient method for providing continual professional development for leaders, which positively impacts the wider staff network too. A coach supports and challenges through listening and asking and guides you through the thinking process, enabling you to make good decisions and choices.

When I lead a coaching workshop, I often start by asking coach trainees this question,:

‘If you were thinking of getting some coaching, what values, behaviours and beliefs would you want your coach to have?’

If you’re looking for a coach, I strongly recommend thinking about this before you embark on your coaching journey.

Coaching enables leaders to realise their potential so they can:

● Be at their most resourceful

● Make effective decisions

● Take focused action

● Build high-performing teams

The most impactful coaches I’ve benefited from working with possess the following qualities: the humility to learn with me, no sense of hierarchy, compassion, curiosity and posed challenging questions. For coaching to be meaningful and effective, a symbiotic relationship exists between experience, practice and theory. A good coach is committed to their own development as yours. Effective coaching isn't always a comfortable experience. It can disturb beliefs, ideas, decisions and ways of life. It can even raise existential questions. I recently asked a client:

‘Are you living the life you want?’

They’re still thinking, which is fine.

“Helen as a coach has improved the quality of leaders, as a mentor has supported our teams and been a key part of challenging our thinking on how we work as a trust. Most of all, I trust her to deliver and to support us with professionalism, compassion and consideration.”

As a coach, I draw from a range of approaches and resources when designing team leadership development programmes. So, who does coaching benefit most? Whether you’re aspiring to lead, new to leadership roles or an experienced leader, if you’re keen to learn, reflect, laugh, be challenged and risk change, the benefits can be long-lasting and even life-changing.

To embark on your coaching journey and discover your potential, why not book an introductory call with me?

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