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Ontological Coaching Workshop with Alan Sieler (author of Coaching to the Human Soul).

I undertook my first coaching training with Gerry Egan back in 2008 based on his Skilled Helper Model. Gerry was always insightful, challenging and good humored in equal measure. The model has a clear process which I draw on in my everyday practice and hear directly from coachees how working in this way impacts positively for them. Since then I’ve read, practiced, studied and enjoyed being a traveler on the coaching journey.

Reading Alan Sieler’s Coaching to the Human Soul last year opened up a whole new area of coaching built around the notion of way of being. Way of being is seen as a dynamic interplay between three spheres of human existence – language, emotions and body. (Sieler 2007) As a licensed Yoga teacher I’d become increasingly aware of how our physiology and posture impacts significantly on what we do, how we come across and how we feel. My research background in discourse analysis helped ease me into understanding around narratives, so the in ideas Coaching to the Human Soul resonated quickly. I emailed Alan and booked onto the Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action 3 day workshop in Brussels. This has shifted by practice significantly. New insights, a new way of working and in the ontological sense, a new ‘way of being’. Alan gives you the ‘how’ in a way I’ve not encountered previously, his facilitation skills making the complex relevant and accessible. I’m hearing insightful feedback from coachees even in these early days of working with new material. I’m at the start of the ontological coaching journey and finding new energy, hope and enthusiasm working in this way.

I’m very happy to share that we will be hosting Alan Sieler’s Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action 3 day workshop in Yorkshire, UK in June 2019. The venue will be the beautiful High Dalby House in the Dalby Forrest, Yorkshire. If you’d like to know more message me for the brochure or you can find it linked here.

More to follow, I’ll be posting an interview with Alan in the new year to share more about his journey with the ontological approach and the difference that ontological coaching can make.

Alan Sieler has continually broken new ground in the coaching literature with each of his three volumes of Coaching to the Human Soul. His pioneering work in providing a written articulation of Ontological Coaching is internationally recognised and all three volumes are being used in coaching and leadership programs in Australia, South Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States.

The workshop is recognised by the International Coach Federation as 22.5 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU) in Core Coaching Competencies.

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